We’re back, we never left

TG1Our goal for this site is, “Help people start using serious games to address their challenges quickly.” To accomplish that end, we added a lot of success stories, game descriptions, and other content. We had reached a level where I was pretty happy with what we had, and then put new content on hold for a while as we re-modeled the site.

The remodel is done, so we’re back to doing regular updates. If you pay attention to the front page, you’ll see new items appearing on a regular basis. Part of that new content will be more blog entries by Yours Truly, since they’re a good way to stitch together all the bits and pieces on the site. We’ll also be adding more links of interest, news items, and anything else that might help people make good use of serious games quickly.

So, grab something to drink, have a seat, and let’s get talking. If you have feedback, you can always reach me at tomgrantgamer@gmail.com or tgrant@cutter.com.

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2 Responses to We’re back, we never left

  1. Looking forward to exciting developments and discussions this year

  2. Tom Grant says:

    Thanks, Jonathan!

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