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Do “newsgames” belong on the front page or the op-ed section?

Every new field of study or practice starts with a taxonomy. Serious games are no different. Accurate, meaningful classification is important: since there are a lot of different serious game options out there, it’s easy to pick the wrong tool … Continue reading

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Darfur Is Dying

Darfur Is Dying depicts the struggle of a single individual to survive in the midst of famine and violence in the Darfur region of Sudan. The game’s designer, Susana Ruiz, wanted to increase public awareness of this suffering, with the … Continue reading

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Budget Hero

Although the federal budget is the hottest topic in American politics, the details of the budget are not well known in the voting public. How big are specific line items, such as Social Security or foreign aid? What line items … Continue reading

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City of San Jose

Business problem: Engagement Serious games used: Buy A Feature Summary: In 2011, the City of San Jose faced a serious budget shortfall, not an unusual situation for many cities over the last several years. What was different in San Jose’s … Continue reading

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