Quick Examples

Understanding Complex Product Relationships
When Wyse Technologies, Inc. wanted to gain a better understanding of how their customers perceived the business and technical relationships between the products and services provided by Wyse and those provided by other technology providers, they played Spider Web with a select group of customers at their Customer Advisory Board meeting.

Understanding Product Evolution
Rally Software Development had a more focused objective: they wanted specific feedback on how to prioritize features in upcoming product releases. They chose Prune the Product Tree over two other games designed to help prioritize features, because it best allowed them to capture customer feedback on their development plans.

Understanding Sales Needs
Qualcomm used Product Box in an internal sales training exercise to identify critical customer success factors and relate these to product benefits.

Ticketmaster used Buy a Feature in an internal sales meeting to prioritize the features that the sales team felt would help them accomplish their objectives.

Identifying Areas for Improvement
Aladdin Knowledge Systems, Inc., Qualcomm, and Precision Quality Software have all used Speed Boat to identify key areas for improvement in their product and service offerings.

Prioritizing Market Needs
Emerson Climate Technologies provides the Intelligent Store, a broad and comprehensive architecture that combines unique equipment, software, and services to solve food safety, energy management, and facilities management needs. Emerson used Spider Web, Speed Boat, and 20/20 Vision at their 2006 Technology Advisory Council meeting to better understand market needs relative to all aspects of the Intelligent Store.

Understanding Hidden Desires
Andre Gous’s stepdaughter Karen was having trouble finding just the right used car. Andre runs Precision Quality Software and is a recognized expert on various software requirements engineering techniques. Andre tried using traditional requirements engineering to help her clarify her objectives. Unfortunately, after 45 minutes, they were no closer to the goal of defining her ideal car, and Karen was starting to become a little frustrated with the process.

Andre tried Product Box, and in short order they had identified exactly what Karen was looking for in her “new” used car.

Creating Strategic Plans
SDForum is the leading Silicon Valley not-for-profit organization providing an unbiased source of information and insight to the technology community for 20 years. Laura Merling, Executive Director of SDForum, used Remember the Future to create a five-year vision for how their organization will evolve to meet the needs of new technology entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and around the world.

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