Serious Mind Games

NEWICONS-01Business problem:
Alignment, insight

Serious games used:
Speed Boat, Remember The Future, Knowsy

Marriage and family therapists Kathleen Grant and Laura Osborn were looking for ways to help their clients make greater progress during treatment. They decided to incorporate innovation games into their practices, and were very happy with the results.

Innovation games like Speed Boat, Remember The Future, and Knowsy helped unravel some tough challenges working with therapy. For example, during the first meetings with clients, therapists have to work with clients to define the goals for treatment, and decide on an initial plan on how to reach these goals. Unfortunately, families in therapy often face such a snarl of complex challenges that defining a treatment plan can be extremely difficult. Games like Remember The Future help clients unravel this complexity.

The games also provide a way to quantify the previously unquantified in treatment. For example, therapists often face questions about the progress their clients have made. Games make it much easier for therapists to measure important aspects of treatment, such as how well aligned the goals of family members are, or how much they understand each other.

For more information…
Kathleen and Laura’s book on incorporating innovation games into marriage and family therapy.
Web site for Serious Mind Games, Kathleen and Laura’s company.

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