Our Mission

We all play by the rules of work.  Who gets to speak first in the meeting? How do you communicate with your customers or constituents?  How do we prioritize tasks?  What makes a new idea worth pursuing?

Another set of rules govern our politics. How do voters make their voices heard? What stops politicians from finding common ground?

The answers to these questions define the rules.  If we’re not happy with the results, then it’s usually time to change the rules — at least for a short time, to step outside the normal routine and try new rules, which emerge naturally from a new conversation. That’s what it means to change the game.

That’s what serious games do.  By changing the rules of work, we seek, and get, better results than we’re getting today. And we see their success at work, in politics, in education, in therapy…

We’re launching this site as a hub for people who are interested in serious games. We invite   visitors to the site to participate in these two main objectives:

  • Collecting success stories about serious games. For serious games to reach the mainstream, would-be adopters need to hear more about real-world case studies. Unfortunately, there’s no one place to find them…until now. If you know of any case studies that you don’t see listed here, please contact the site admin, Tom Grant.
  • Developing a taxonomy of serious games. “The right tool for the right job” should be one of the maxims of serious game practitioners. Unfortunately, it’s not yet fully clear what the tools are, let alone how to use them. Therefore, we’re using this site as a forum for building a taxonomy: What is and isn’t a serious game? What are the different types, and what does each one do best?