GS_Games1sKnowsy is a simple game that tests how well the players know each other. One of the players picks a topic, such as movies, and then secretly arranges, in order of his or her preference, the items presented (to continue the example, Citizen Kane, Big, Star Wars, etc.).  Other players then guess at the order in which he or she has arranged them.

Knowsy has many applications, such as market research (for example, what do customers really want?) management offsites (for example,how well do managers understand company priorities?), and corporate training (for example,who are the top competitors for our products?). The game provides a springboard to further discussion (for example, why do customers prefer product A over product B?), as well as to other games that build on the information that Knowsy can provide. There are versions of Knowsy currently in development for couples in therapeutic counseling.

Knowsy is playable with pen and paper; both online and iPad versions exist as well.

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