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Innovation Cycle

Recognizing that innovation is vital to competitiveness, and also very difficult to bring about, Kaiser Permanente developed its own role-playing game, the Innovation Cycle. Players assume a persona that does not correspond to their real-life roles, thus giving them the chance to step into the shoes of other players in the organization, and to get a sense of the big picture.

The teams, which can include such roles as innovator, member, administrator or support personnel, then take on a particular challenge and explore both the obstacles and the resources to innovation in this area. Participants found it to be an interesting and fun way to better understand the questions, issues and concerns that arise whenever implementing a new change or innovation.

One example of a way Kaiser Permanente has been able to use Innovation Cycle was in the integration of the game into a Leadership Forum, opening up a conversation about how leaders can create and support an environment open to innovation, risk-taking, and change.

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Video of Deanna Konrath’s presentation at the Innovation Games Summit 2013
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