IBM CityOne

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IBM CityOne

IBM needed a way to convey the choices that city planners face, such as improving water quality without drastically increasing costs. In the process, IBM would position itself as a thought leader in this area, as part of its Smarter Planet Initiative.

The  IBM CityOne game was the answer to this challenge. The game gives players some recommended options for the problem they are trying to solve, and then lets them decide which one to take. IBM CityOne‘s scoring system keeps players’ attention until the end of the game by sparking natural human competitiveness, making this kind of problem-solving more compelling than reading through a white paper could ever be.

In addition to being an attention-grabber, the game explains where a company’s products and services fit into the machinery of the real world. Research consistently indicates that in B2B marketing, business buyers are increasingly self-reliant in their evaluation and purchase of a technology. They are not waiting for a salesperson to come to them. Playing IBM CityOne creates situations in which IBM’s potential role is obvious, making it easier for customers to understand the company as a major force multiplier.

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