How To Contribute

If you have a success story or game that you think should we should include in our archives, you have two ways of contributing.

Option #1: Send us your own write-up
We’re always grateful to receive write-ups from the serious game community. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Write a short description. One or two paragraphs are plenty. See the success stories and game descriptions on the site for examples of how much information is enough. But if you want to go on a bit, feel free to add as much detail as you want.
  • Include any information needed about the games used.
  • Add any web links or attachments that would provide further information.
  • Include your contact information (e-mail and phone, preferably), as well as the contact information of anyone else directly involved in this success story.
  • Photos are nice, since we plan to start adding them soon. But don’t worry if you don’t have any.
  • Send everything to
  • Be ready for follow-up, either by e-mail or phone. We may want to interview you for more details. We will copy-edit before publication.

Option #2: Let us write it
This option is slower, since we don’t have as much bandwidth to write up stories

  • Contact us at Give us a short description of the success story or game.
  • Be ready to set up a call with us, so that we can interview you. We’ll get back to you as fast as we can to schedule the interview, but we may not be able to actually interview you right away.
  • In the meantime,  send us any links, pictures, or other materials that are relevant.
  • Do the interview with us.
  • Take a quick look at the write-up we do, and suggest and corrections it might need.
  • Get a notification from us when it’s published.


The wish list
We’re maintaining a wish list of success stories and games that we’d like to add to the site. We welcome your input, including…

  • Suggestions for additional success stories and games.
  • Recommendations for which story or game we should write next.
  • Anything else you can tell us that would be helpful.