NEWICONS-01Business problems:

Serious games used:
Video game, Firefly Freedom

The consulting firm Deloitte wanted to take a different approach to recruitment. The typical battery of interview questions did not reveal a candidate’s willingness to take risks, think creatively, or other traits that Deloitte wanted to find in the people it hired. Therefore, it contracted with a mobile game developer to create Firefly Freedom, a game that would reveal whether a candidate was the type of person that Deloitte wanted to recruit.

The game presents a series of puzzles, such as catching fireflies in a jar, or remembering a series of colors. The results are both quantified and anonymous, preventing any bias that a hiring manager might have in assessing a candidate (at least, in the areas that the game is supposed to test).

Deloitte piloted the game during the hiring process for 200 candidates, with plans to make it a regular part of the recruitment process. In that case, the game will be part of the recruitment of 1,500 candidates per year.

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