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Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) faced an interesting and formidable challenge: deliver Development/Test-as-a-service) as part of a billion-dollar contract to a major government organization on an accelerated time-to-market schedule. CSC wanted an innovative approach that would break down organization barriers, discard traditional approaches and leverage key strategic technology partners.

Experts from four different companies were invited to Colorado for several days of a summit/retreat. Each company brought its own viewpoint and agenda; bringing them together would be a daunting challenge.

The facilitator decided to leverage Innovation Games, a suite of strategic games designed to break down barriers and foster alignment and commitment across and between organizations. During the two and a half days of the summit, partners played interactive win-win games aimed at identifying issues, roadblocks, and challenges, and then exploring and prioritizing potential solutions, with the ultimate goal of developing a clear road map.

The participants quickly developed into tightly aligned teams that worked together to good effect: the project was delivered successfully 20 months ahead of schedule.

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