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Product Box

Software that has been in production for a long time often needs a re-write. There is a need to catch up with the current technology, or it needs improvements in how it works. BuyerZone found itself in this situation, with a decade-old system for online buying and selling of goods and services.

Re-writing software doesn’t happen overnight. BuyerZone had to make some tough choices about the features it would keep in, drop from, or create for the new version. The serious game, Product Box,  provided a way to define the minimum viable product, including the features essential for this first release.

The product development team asked the marketing department and customers to draw, on a blank cereal box, the essential features and benefits for the BuyerZone application. Not only did this one-time exercise help define the minimum viable product, but it also created artifacts — the product boxes — to which they could refer later.

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