About us

Why this site?
This site started with a question: What is the best way for serious games to become more successful? There are lots of success stories, but outside the small circle of serious game practitioners and aficionados, very few others have heard of them.

To make the situation even more challenging, not all serious games are the same. A computer simulation of a plane used to train pilots is very different from a game-like exercise used during a management offsite to illustrate problems with team dynamics. A game designed to give citizens a different way to tell their city government about how they want their tax dollars spent isn’t the same as a  competition used to “crowdsource” the solution to a challenging biological puzzle.

The answer seemed simple: Create a site where people can hear these success stories. Who  else has faced a problem like mine, and used serious games to address it? Which of the many types of serious games are the best tools for the job?

What you see here today is just a start. We plan on adding more success stories, games, and other information to the site. (Click here if you have something you’d like to add.)

Who we are
Tom Grant is a software professional who has used serious games both as a teaching tool in higher education, and as part of the product development process in software companies. You can reach Tom at tomgrantgamer@gmail.com.

Kathleen Grant is a marriage and family therapist who uses serious games as a tool when working with her clients. She also uses her skills at running large groups and her knowledge of serious games to consult with business clients about various internal and external challenges.